En Pointe Parenting:

Raising a Dancer

Parents are a crucial part of a dancer's training. eMCeeMovement works with pre-professional dancers and their parents to navigate the sometimes daunting, complicated process of creating a career in dance so that their child's dreams become reality - instead of a burden on their time, money, and resources.

New as a momager or dadager?

Pick from these sessions to get started.

Not sure what you need? We'll freestyle it.

Introduction with parent(s) to assess goals & next steps.

Orientation session for parents new to dance training.

Workshop style session including application and material review.

Session for parent(s) and/or student beginning pointe.

Extended session on career trajectory & long term goal setting.

Session with parent(s) and/or student on healthy boundaries.

Debriefing completed auditions, performances, etc.

Managing injury recovery for an anxious student.

Preparing for auditions: materials, timing, & expectations.

About Melissa

Melissa has worked with families of artists of all ages and experience levels to plan their futures as part of the dance industry - saving time, money, and resources from being wasted on inadequate training, unnecessary extracurriculars, and unrealistic expectations - so they can focus on being a family.

A former high performance athlete and dancer, Melissa’s decade of experience in dance and art education across educational institutions positions her with a uniquely broad perspective on building careers in the performing arts.

She previously worked at Boston Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and The Joyce Theater in dance education. In Higher Education, she held a hybrid position at Penn State focused on student engagement in the arts.

What people are saying:

"Melissa is a knowledgeable and attentive instructor. She has had years of experience in dance - and it shows!!" ~Lee, VA

"Melissa really listened to my concerns and addressed them in our sessions. I highly recommend her!" ~Jaime, NY

"I loved that part about asking for feedback [on Summer Dance Strategies for Success for Parents YouTube seminar]. That was so well stated. I think that is a great tip to share with my daughter so she can ask for feedback if she wants." ~Adrienne, mom of teen dancer