emcee {your} movement


Artists must be the emcee of their experience at every stage.

If you're here, it's because something inside of you is saying, "there is a better way," to reach your goals and dreams in dance. By better way, I mean in a way that is healthy, joyful, and inspiring.
For pre-professional dancers, that means carving out your path rather than feeling at the mercy of whomever decides to cast you in whatever part.
For parents of dancers, that means knowing how to support your dancer in the network of relationships, training, and performing.
For newly-professional dancers, that means establishing boundaries to shape a safe, smart foundation to propel you forward with confidence.
For educators, that means taking ownership of your work in a way that brings success for yourself and your students.

Virtual coaching happens here.
Career development courses happen here.
Studio management training happens here.
Mindful Movement happens here.
Change happens here.

About Melissa

I'm a person of faith and believe that people matter, how we treat people matters, and we were created for a purpose.

I started calling out the whole, "You do this work because you love it, not because you want to make a living" thing. Dancers are some of the smartest, most creative, inspiring people on the planet. So, why are we living hand-to-mouth? It's time to re-write the narrative on the value/role of artists in the socio-economic realm. 
I have over a decade of performing arts education and arts management experience with a focus on student engagement, career development, and community building. Learn more.
I'm a movement educator and organizational synergist.
I teach dancers and their parents how the dance world works. 
I teach educators how to create systems for success.
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