Personal, small group, and virtual Pilates training accommodates every lifestyle, in every stage of life. Maybe you’re not ready to walk into a studio class as a total newbie to Pilates; maybe, you’re a stay-at-home or single parent with nap time as your only available time for exercise; maybe, you’re tired of the same stock video workout; or, maybe, you’re a Pilates regular with a hectic schedule that rarely coincides with class schedules in your community. Create your catalyst to living well with Pilates on your time.

Photography © Merrithew Corporation
Photography © Merrithew Corporation
  • Sessions are 50, 30, or 15 minutes.
  • What you need:
    • thick, non-slick mat and clothing comfortable for moving
    • Optional: flex band, block, foam roller, hand weights (2-3lbs)
  • Maximizing your class:
    • Make sure family members or coworkers know you are not available. Sessions will not be extended to accommodate interruptions.
    • Disconnect from your devices.
  • Virtual Sessions:
    • Set up mat so furniture and lighting don’t restrain your movement.
    • Set up mat/reformer and camera so view is elevated at end of mat, so instructor can view your body length-wise.
    • Click on the Google hangout link you received in your confirmation email to start session.